Eliza Ellen Mitchell Photo Album; Other Mitchell Family Photos

Eliza Ellen nee Mitchell Mitchell Photo Album circa 1900 and other Mitchell pictures

Eliza Ellen Mitchell was born in Archer Township, Harrison County, Ohio on 25 September 1850 to William Mitchell and Mary Ann Atkison/Atkinson. She lost her mother in 1864 in Lynnville, Jasper, Iowa when she was nine years of age. Her father than moved her and seven siblings to Jackson Township, Boone County,Iowa persumably to be near his wife's Atkinson relatives. Her father remarried to a widow lady Elizabeth Balls Wilson in 1868. As a teenager, Eliza briefly lived next door with two of her other sisters, Elizabeth and Mary. She married a neighbor boy, named the same name of her father, William Mitchell, in 1867. Shortly after her marriage her husband and she moved to Bradshaw and Arborville Townships area of York County, Nebraska joining siblings of both her husband and her's who had homesteaded and settled there starting in 1871. She and her husband lived there the rest of their lives there and are buried in Lincoln Creek Cemetery, Lockridge Township, York County, Nebraska.

Of her seven surviving Mitchell siblings, five had remained in Boone County, Iowa:

  • Mary Jane Mitchell Gasaway (1839-1886)
  • John R. Mitchell (1841-1913)
  • Elizabeth Mitchell Sprague(1849-1930)
  • Hugh Mitchell (1854-1923)
  • Nancy Amanda Mitchell Gregg (1858-1898)
  • She had two siblings living in the same area as she in York County, Nebraska.

  • Mary Mitchell Lockwood (1843-1890)
  • James Mitchell (1845-1919)
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    p01 William T Gregg 1848_1893 Standing p02 William T Gregg 1848_1893 Cameo p03 Nancy Amanda Mitchell Gregg 1858-1898 p04 William T Gregg 1848_1893 p05 Hugh Mitchell Family 1854_1923
    p09 Mary Mitchell Lockwood 1843_1890
    p06 Parley Irvin Mitchell 1848_1924 p07 John R Mitchell 1841_1913 p08 Israel Harvey Lockwood 1828_1909 p09 Mary Mitchell Lockwood 1843_1890 p10 Harry Lockwood 1888_1895
    p11 Fred Zenor b ~1888 p12 William Gasaway&~Elizabeth p13 Unknowns taken in Story City Iowa p14 William Hines Gasaway 1859-1938 p15 Unknown Nell Brown (possible Ella Mae nee Brown Mitchell) at Ames,IA
    p16 John Zenor, Irene Gasaway, Fred, Robert Zenor c1890 p17 Harry Lockwood c1889 p18 Mrs Mary Baker Cole's Death Card {daughter of Ollie Mitchell Baker)1916 p19 William T Gregg's Funeral card 1893 p20 Harry Lockwood & Bicycle
    p21 Harry Lockwood's Funeral Card 1895 p22 James Mitchell Lucinda nee Myers Mitchell p23 James Atkinson Jr and wife Sarah Hedges p24 Elizabeth Balls Wilson Mitchell p25 Tom J Sparks & Mary E Mitchell Sparks
    p26 Unknowns taken in Des Moines, IA p27 Unknowns taken in Boone & Ames, IA p28 Robert H "Bert" Sprague Spanish American War uniform p29 Unknown 3 p30 Unknown 4
    p31 Nancy Amanda Mitchell(1858-1998),Irene Gasaway Zenor,and unknowns p32 Art Sprague & Unknowns

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